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need some fun

need some fun

pigmented ink, acrylic, polymer clay, and plastic tile on board

framed: 6" x 6"



my work is driven by four preferences: art that is small scale and detailed, 3-D, whimsical; and that includes multiple images. these preferences explain why I’m drawn to using 1”x2”x¼” smooth white tiles (i.e., dominos) as small canvases:  these canvases require detailed images, allow for multiple tiles per piece, are intrinsically whimsical, and can be layered to create three dimensions. images are created applying pigmented with a technical pen and brush to the tiles. some tiles i embellish with polymer clay that has been painted with pigmented ink. I attach tiles to canvas in 1-7 layers, then frame and hang the piece.  pieces have two themes: faces with exaggerated expressions; and Louisiana icons. my faces are influenced by my background in psychology (i have a PhD in sensory psychology) and my appreciation of the ability to read subtle changes in expression. my interest in Louisiana stems from my love of its culture. regardless, my aim is to create art that is both compelling and whimsical.

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